Walls of Clay

Last week a bunch of really sweet ladies and I went to Walls of Clay in downtown McKinney to make fun holiday pottery. We had so much fun! I went with my sister and her sister-in-law Shannon and mother-in-law Nancy, Kori's other sister-in-law Kim, her mom Mrs. Williams and sister Jaime. My mom was supposed to go but bless her heart, she got a migraine at about noon that day and it didn't go away until the following morning. She was super bummed so Kori and I are going to go with her another time. Nancy and Shannon were so sweet and made dinner to take to the pottery place and everyone made such adorable things! I wish I had a picture of what each person made but you have to go back and pick up your piece 7-10 days later and everyone went at a different time so I didn't get a chance to see the finished products, but I know they were all adorable! It was so fun hanging out with the girls and just chit-chatting while we painted away. I think we should make this a new Christmas tradition!
This is the plate we are going to use to put Santa's cookies on when he come to our house.

When you paint your piece the colors are very soft and muted but once it is fired they come out really bright and bold.

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