A New Discovery...A New Problem

While at my parents house for our regular Sunday dinner Cole discovered the stairs for the first time and he was six steps up before anyone noticed. What happened was my mom went into the guest room restroom which is located just passed the stairs. I saw Cole crawl in that direction thinking he was following my mom like he usually does. Well my mom didn't see or hear him so she assumed he was still out in the living room with me. She came out of the room and I heard her {very calmly actually} say "Ummm...Lyric? Your son his climbing the stairs." So of course I jump up and was followed by RT and my dad to find Cole sitting on the 6th step of the staircase. Cole had a huge smile on his face and you could tell he was proud of his accomplishment. We took a few pictures and then he decided he would climb all the way to the top. And he did! {with me following him close behind, of course}....The bad news was that he new he could do it and it was fun so he wanted to do it over and over again. We finally had to block the stairs which he did not like, at all. Ha.We just couldn't believe he figured out how to climb the stairs...I mean he can't even walk yet! I guess we have a new thing we have to watch out for now. It's just the first of many for sure.

This is totally unrelated to stair climbing but I had to post this cute picture my sister took of Cole's shoes inside RT's shoes. I just thought this was a precious picture.

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