Cole loves our dog Finn and my parents boxer, Jake. He always reaches for them and loves them to lick his hands and feet. Occasionally they will get him in the face and/or mouth. It totally grosses my dad out, but I am sure he will put nastier things in his mouth some day.

This is Jake, my parents 100 lb boxer

This is our dog Finn. He has been very protective since day one
and often tells Jake when he can and cannot see Cole.


Poefam said...

YAY that you started a blog! I love it so! Can't wait to see hundreds of cute pics of Cole ...and I'm really looking forward to our swim next week! Thanks so much for thinking of me! :) What a cute blog post it will make!

Jessica said...

Great job putting together the blog. Cole is growing up so fast. He is such a cutie! Look forward to hanging out with you and celebrating your birthday in a couple of weeks in Annapolis!!!

See you soon!