"Though she be but little, she is fierce" - Shakespeare

Dear Campbell,

Oh how we love your heart, personality and spirit!  Your love for others is awesome.  If someone is hurt or sad, you are the first person to make sure they are okay.  You solution to most of these situations is a hug and/or a band aid.  Seriously, you LOVE band aids and usually have 2 or 3 on at all times.  You are our little love bug and our silly goose.  You MUST give me and daddy a hug and a kiss before we leave the house.  If one of us walks out the door without one,  you demand to chase us down the driveway in order to say bye and give kisses.  I love that!
You are girlie and tough.  You love to take care of your babies (you will make a wonderful mommy some day), playing with your doll house and with your kitchen.  You compliment people on what they are wearing...."I love that shirt, mommy".  Every dress you wear makes you feel like a princess.  You twirl around in it and exclaim, "I'm a princess, mommy!"  You are a princess sweet girl.  You will always be mommy and daddy's princess.  At the same time you will wrestle with your brother, run races (you are very fast!), slide, climb, swing, play soccer, jump on the trampoline and you don't mind getting dirty.  You DO mind getting wet.  If you are in the pool or the shower it's fine but if you get one drop of water on your clothes you have to change immediately.
 You are very organized and smart.  You love school so much and wish you could go every single day.  You went to school twice per week this year but next year you are going to go three days per week.  You organize everything by color, type or size.  We did not teach you this.  You have been doing this for as long as I can remember.  You love building things and are really good at the game, Memory.  You are obsessed with puzzles.  You started out with basic puzzles and now you can do 48+ piece jigsaw puzzles and you are so good at it.  You also like doing harder landscape jigsaw puzzles on your Kindle.  You know all of your colors, can sing the ABC's, count to 10 in English and Spanish and can hear a song for the first time and by the end of it know all of the words.  You can dress yourself and even know which shoe goes on which foot.  You are very independent!
You are funny, SO funny!  You make us laugh all day long.  The things you come up with are too much! You are always making silly faces, singing silly songs and doing silly dances. You giggle all day long and as a result we giggle all day too.

At the same time you are very dramatic and impatient too.  You know what you want and you want it now.  We are working on this but you come by it honestly so this may always be a work in progress.  You are tough so you do not cry often when you get hurt.  But, when you do cry, say because you stubbed your toe, you make it sound like your leg is broken.  You can also be dramatic and fake cry when you don't get what you want.  Because you are so independent you think you can do everything yourself .  This results in a lot of frustration and real and fake tears several times a day.  I will be honest, some days I have to go to my room and shut my door for a few minutes.  It's a good thing you are so cute and funny or you would be the death of me.
Here are some of your favorite things:
Daddy                                Bubby
Mommy                             Your bays (blankets)
Your purple baby               Strawberries
Raspberries                        Tomatoes
Grilled cheese                     Donuts
Peas                                  Green beans
Pasta                                  Necklaces
Bracelets                            Shoes
Gramps                              Mimi
Nanette                              Purple grapes
Bananas                             Avocado (and guacamole)
Cannon                              Black bean dip from Gloria's and Mesa's
Nate                                  Any kind of TexMex (tacos, quesadillas, burritos rice, refried beans.....)
Doc McStuffins                 Octonauts
Sofia the First                   Frozen
Playing outside                   Jumping on the trampoline
Blowing bubbles                 Helping me in the garden
Dance class                        Soccer
School                               Milk
Gray                                  Chocolate
Playing dress-up                 Make-up
Puzzles                               Books

Here are your 3 year stats:
36 1/2" tall (37th percentile)
35 lbs 8 oz (89th percentile)
Doctor G said you are growing up and doing well.  He gave you an A+.

Some of my favorite things you say are:
Scum-scream = Sunscreen
Seat-buckle = Seat belt
Horsey-corn = Unicorn
Scoop ober = Scoot over
Gofe = Golf
White grilled cheese = String cheese
We love you so much, Campbell.  You are going to do and accomplish amazing things!!

A little Q&A:

What is your favorite color?  Purple

What is your favorite thing to eat?  Grilled cheese

What is your favorite show?  Doc McStuffins

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Big

What is your favorite part about school?  Chapel and Romp (gym)

Who is your best friend?  Gray and Christian

What do you like to do at home?  Tricks (hmmm??)

Where is your favorite place to go?  The Castle (aka Nordstrom) and Target

What is you favorite song?  Snowman (aka In Summer)

Are you afraid of anything?  Yes, bugs.


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

Lyric, these pictures are absolutely PRECIOUS !!!!!! You need a huge canvas of these pictures. love

Shelley Riley said...

I die "the castle"...that's BTE!