Opening Day 2014

So, I am playing major catch up on my little blog. Bare with me.

 About a month ago we attending opening day for the Texas Rangers.  We are HUGE Rangers/baseball fans.  My dad has had season tickets in the same awesome seats for 29 years.  Some of our friends/might-as-well-be-family also have seats and parking passes near us so we go to the game early and stay late to tailgate and avoid traffic.  Game day is always fun but this year it got exciting too!  RT caught a foul ball!  I mean the ball practically fell right into his hands, right at his seat.  He didn't have to move at all!  It was crazy.  He caught it barehanded and had the bruised hand to prove it.  Cole thought it was so cool when we got home and showed him!

Such a fun day with friends and family and baseball!!

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