Happy 3rd Birthday Campbell

Campbell turned 3 yesterday.  Somehow I feel like she has been in our lives forever and that it is impossible for her to be three simultaneously.  She is such a light in our lives!  I don't know how we ever made it with out her.

I started the day off by making myself tear up a little while posting pictures of her at birth, one year old, two years old and what she looks like today.  I cannot get enough of these pictures!
 Then we met Mimi, Koko, Gray and Abigail for lunch!  It was a gorgeous day and we spent as much of it outside as possible.  The kids ran around on the square while we waited for our table.  Then we ate, laughed and watched Campbell and Gray eat their cupcakes like ice cream cones.  They held the cake base and licked the icing like you would the ice cream on a cone.  Too funny!

 After lunch, Campbell fell asleep on our way home.  She NEVER naps anymore so I think she had a cold and was not feeling 100%.  So sad to not feel awesome on your birthday.  She was still very excited but just didn't quite have as much pep in her step.  

Once she woke up from her nap, she changed into play clothes and we jumped on the trampoline for a long time before dinner!  Did I mention how beautiful the weather was??!!  We ate fajitas out side and then the kiddos jumped some more before heading inside to open presents.

 Cole tried to help her with the wrapping on one of her boxes and she held her hand up to him and said, "Bubby, these are not your presents.  These are mine because it's MY birthday. Ok??!!"  Little toot.  She was very much into opening the gifts and not so much about what was inside.  It is kind of a blur but between RT, my parents and me she was spoiled plenty.

 She had been talking all day about having cake so she was more than excited about blowing out her candles and eating her birthday cake.  She insisted on wearing her tiara and sang Happy Birthday to You along with us before blowing out her candles.  

We love this girl SO MUCH!  Happy Birthday Goose!


Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

She is a doll!! Happy birthday to Campbell. Too funny - we were also on the Square yesterday too.

Lyric Muir said...

Thank you Ashley! I cannot believe we didn't run into each other!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Her little face is so full of light and joy! Always!! In every picture!! What a perfect party! I'm really wishing that place was in MY town!!