Christmas Day

Christmas Day was awesome.  Santa always spoils us.  Neither one of my kids asked for anything big or expensive this year.  In fact, Cole barely had a list and Campbell just said she wanted toys.  So, they got less expensive and less items this year and were just as happy!  We spent the early part of the morning opening gifts as a family and then went to my parents for brunch and gifts with my sister.  It was kind of a relaxing morning.  We took our time opening gifts and eating before my sister's family left to have Christmas with her in-laws.  We stayed at my parents and played until we ate our traditional prime rib dinner, potatoes, salad and of course, pie.  By the time dinner was over the kids had hit a wall and crashed on the way home.  It was such a wonderful day!  I am always so sad when it is over!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Of COURSE our boys had on the same PJ's for Christmas morning! How is it that Jagger wanted EVERYTHING expensive this year!?? You got off easy!! ;)

Lyric Muir said...

Of course they were wearing the same jammies!!! We really must get together in 2014!!!

Lyric Muir said...
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