Noni Pies

Starting a pie business has been on my heart for a couple of years.  I kept making excuses and pushing it aside but this summer I felt like I was supposed to do this so I took a giant leap of faith and did it!  I launched Noni Pies and it was amazing.  

First, a little background information.  My grandmother, Wynona, aka Noni, made THE BEST pies.  She made her crust from scratch and all her filling from scratch too.  She taught my mom who taught me.  In my personal opinion, you can have an amazing filling, but pour it into a frozen store bought crust and it is ruined.  Can you tell I am passionate about homemade pie??  I named my business Noni Pies, well because it all started with Noni.  She was an amazing woman, a spitfire and an amazing baker.

 I launched Noni Pies during the holidays because everyone needs pie for Thanksgiving, right?  My sweet sister hosted a taste testing at her house and it was a huge success!  Everyone ordered at least one pie and officially launched the business!  My bro-in-law designed my logo and my husband made an amazing website for me and the orders came flowing in!

 Then, Noni Pies had a booth at the Prosper Holiday Market.  Wow!  So many people sampled, told their friends to stop by the booth and placed orders!  I was completely overwhelmed, in a good way.

 Then it was time to bake and fulfill orders.  My wonderful mother helped me.  Without her I could never have gotten it all done!  We made over 50 pies!  Noni Pies was a success!  I did realize, however, that if I was going to continue selling pies, I was going to need a bigger kitchen, more refrigerator space and more help.  That is a good problem to have!  So, I am still going to take orders throughout the year but I am going to have to figure out another way to tackle the holiday rush!

Thank you so much for your support!  I really and truly appreciate it!

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