Ice 2013

We were hit by a huge ice storm last week and it pretty much shut down the metroplex.  The storm hit late Thursday afternoon, school was closed Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  We didn't get out of the house for real until Tuesday afternoon.  We were going stir crazy!!!  Here is a recap of what we did during THE Ice Storm of 2013:
We painted
Took pictures of our frozen plants and trampoline

Sledded down our driveway a million times

Drove the 4-wheeler a ton
Enjoyed lots of fires in our cozy living room
Campbell's baby had long conversations with Santa
Cole played football on his DS
We did  a lot of puzzles
Campbell organized her princesses
Cole took Snowman Soup, cookies and a Rainbow Loom bracelet to Leighton who lives on our street and in in kindergarten with Cole.  He likes her. It is SO CUTE!

I mean seriously, the cutest, right??!!
We made silly Christmas faces
We played in the ice some more!

and we FINALLY made it out of the house for lunch and shopping at the mall

 I baked, of course, which is terrible for my waist line.

 and I got the kids gifts to their classmates made and assembled.  Snowman soup for Cole and homemade peppermint scented playdoh and cookie cutters for Campbell.
We really did have a great time playing with friends and being together as a family.  But, I am not going to lie.  I was glad when they went back to school on Wednesday.  I needed a little break!

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