Halloween was extra fun this year.  Cole loved it and Campbell actually understood what it was all about!  Between Kindergarten and pre-school we had a lot of fun activities!  We carved pumpkins, had a blast a Groovy Day, went Trick-or-Treating and examined our loot.  We had two worn out kiddos when it was all said and done.

 Cole told me exactly what he wanted his pumpkin to like like.  He was so excited!

 Miss C before school 
 Cole's class at Groovy Day
 My sweet boy!

 Wolverine and Jesse

 Yes, someone dressed up as the headless horseman and rode his horse through the neighborhood. So cool!
 Campbell examining her loot while bubby and daddy were still out with friends.
 Campbell ditched her Jesse costume and answered the door in her undies
Then we had to check out bubby's loot!  We didn't see much of Cole that night.  He was 90 to nothing with his buddies!

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