Homecoming week in a small-ish town is so much fun!  Each day of the week leading up to the big game had a theme.  They were camo day, 50's day, wacky dress up day and spirit day.  So fun!  Wednesday night was the homecoming parade and the kids loved it.  There was a nice chill in the air, the floats were amazing and the kids loved collecting candy that was thrown from the floats.  Following the parade was a pep rally at the high school.  The whole town was welcome but we opted to beat the crowd and get dinner because it was getting late and it was a school night.

Then, on Friday, Cole's class had the ice cream party they won for raising the most money for the Royal Run which made for a class full of crazy kindergartners!  After a busy week of soccer and baseball and staying up past our bedtimes, Cole was pooped and feel asleep in the car after school for the first time in a very very long time.  Poor buddy.  He rallied though.  RT and Cole went to soccer practice while Campbell and I had a little homecoming dinner date before the game.  We made it through half time and then it was clear it was time for us to go home.  

What a fun week!  I love Fall and I love High School Football and I love our community.  So happy we moved here!

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