Cole Day!

RT and I decided we wanted to spend a whole day with Cole, just Cole, before school started.  My parents were kind enough to let us drop Campbell off early on Saturday and let her spend the night! 
So, Cole picked Rosa's for lunch,duh.  It was so nice to leisurely eat our lunch and have an uninterrupted conversation with our oldest child.  From Rosa's we headed to Target and then to the mall where we got a cookie and saw PLANES! Such a cute movie!  We all loved it!  Then we went to the Disney Store for a sussie.  Cole picked Skipper.
After the movie we drove to Mesquite for a birthday party at the rodeo!  SO.MUCH.FUN! It was Cannon's birthday and Cole had a blast!  We sat in a suite, ate BBQ, got a behind the scenes tour from the rodeo clown, ate cake, rode the mechanical bull, watched the crazy cowboys ride bucking broncos and bulls and had their pictures taken with the rodeo trick girls.
Cole fell asleep in the car.  We had a busy day!  Saturday morning he picked donuts for breakfast before we left to go to Mimi and Gramps' house to see Campbell.
I am so glad we decided to spend a whole day with just our boy.  I think the three of us will never forget it! 

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Shelley Riley said...

Look at those pimps with all the beautiful ladies at the rodeo!