My Little Sister Turns 30

On Friday, June 28th, my little sister turned the big 3-0!  With a newborn at home it made it a little difficult to have a huge celebration so my parents picked up dinner and we ate at Kori's house.  My mom made her a cake and she opened presents while the cousins played.  It was low key but fun!

 Little did she know I had a few surprises up my sleeve.  I couldn't let her 30th birthday go by without doing something special.  So, my dad flew one of her best friends, Lindsay, in from California.  She flew in late Friday night and spent the night at my parents.  The Muir family met her and my parents for an early brunch before my mom and I took her to my sister's house for the big surprise!  My sister was shocked!  She could not believe her Lindsay was standing on her doorstep.  Success!  The girls were able to hang out before her second surprise.  Kim and Shannon helped me gather Kori's new friends and old friends for a surprise lunch!  She was shocked again and so thankful to everyone who came!

Happy Birthday, Sister!  We LOVE you!

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