There is something special about a pre-school graduation ceremony - innocence retained, journeys begun and dreams waiting to be achieved.

Yesterday we celebrated Cole's graduation from pre-school.  We celebrate every thing in our family, big or small.  Life is too short not to celebrate!  So Cole woke up on graduation day to a table full of sussies and powdered donuts for breakfast, his favorite.  Then the Muir family drove to his pre-school for the very last time, dropped him off at his classroom for the very last time and headed to the sanctuary to snag a good seat for the ceremony.  It was such a sweet ceremony.  The kiddos sang two songs before we saw a slide show of their baby pictures. Tear.  Then each class came out one at a time and were given their diplomas.  So precious!  Afterwards, we met in the gym for cake a pictures and last goodbyes.  

 {Walking down the isle to Pomp and Circumstance}

 {Ms. Nanette and Ms. Shelley}
 {Cole with Trenton, his best buddy at school}

 After graduation we continued our celebration at Cole's favorite place, Rosa's.  We ate with Mimi, Gramps, Kori and Gray.  We followed our tortillas and queso with cookie cake of course!

 What a special day yesterday was.  A day I will always remember.  I cannot believe I have a kindergartner in my house!


The Howell's said...

looks fun! Your daughter is precious! :)

Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

Unbelievable. Congrats to Cole (and you). Still amazes we have kiddos that could possibly be this old (or a yr out from this old).

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Shelley Riley said...

A Red Raider in the making that Rosa's lover!

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