Spring "Break"

I need a break after Spring Break.  Let me back up a little.  The last week of February RT was out of town from Sunday night to Friday night.  That is the longest business trip he has taken and the kids and I had a lot going on that week.  Then the following week was birthday preparation week for Campbell's party along with soccer practice, baseball practice and games and school and work in between.  Campbell's birthday party was a success and then began Spring Break 2013.  Cole started off with a fever and nasty cough.  Campbell's actual birthday was pretty low key because bubba just did not feel well.  Then Campbell came down with a fever and ended up having a really nasty double ear infection.  Dr. G said to be prepared for them to burst because they were that bad!  Thankfully that didn't happen.
 The highlight of Spring Break was eating lunch with these ladies!  We met at Rosa's (we used to share a dozen tortillas and a large queso for dinner in college in Lubbock....it was good and cheap!)  I really wish these girls lived only a couple of blocks away from me like in college.  I miss seeing their faces every day!
 Tiffany was one of my roommates....I love her and had not seen her in 5 years!  Way too long!
 And Krissa, my BFF.  I was her maid of honor and she is expecting her first baby soon!
 Then I was RT's nurse because he had knee surgery.  He was not excited about it at.all.  He did say it was a lot less painful than his ACL surgery.  He was able to hobble around pretty soon after surgery so that was a blessing.  Thank you to my mother-in-law who came in town to help with the kids while I took his to all of his appointments!

 The day after surgery RT started feeling yucky and ended up with a sinus infection.  I felt like I had 3 newborns on a feeding schedule.  I was constantly checking the clock to see who needed what breathing treatment, antibiotic and ibuprofen when.  We made it through, it could have been a lot worse.

In the middle of all of that we started expanding our patio.  That normally wouldn't be that big of a deal but we do not have a fence around our acre and they had to take our dog fence down so the dog had to be taken out on a leash to use the restroom.  Pretty annoying but it will all be worth it because our patio and garden is going to be awesome!
So, in conclusion, I need a break from Spring break.

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