Five. Wow. Where do I start?.....
You love school.  I mean LOVE it.  You look forward to going and complain on the days you don't have school.  When I ask you what you do each day your usual response is, "I played on the playground, did centers and went to chapel."  The playground is definitely your favorite part of the day but you love the learning part too.  Mrs. Jen told me that you got on stage in chapel in front of the whole school and prayed in the microphone.  Tears filled my eyes when she told me that.  Such a proud moment and I was so sad I couldn't be there to see it. 
You are smart.  You are a numbers guy.  By watching so many games with daddy you have learned how to do addition and subtraction and simple multiplication.  You can tell us how much a team is winning or loosing by and frequently ask me if for example: 2+2+2=6.
You are a big guy.  You are 46 inches tall and weigh 48 pounds.  You wear size 6 clothes and a size 12 shoe.
You are still a picky eater but you are getting MUCH better about eating your fruits and veggies and trying new things. You will eat green beans, corn, carrots, strawberries and oranges.  You love yogurt and just started eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  You love chicken and turkey sandwiches and corny dogs.  You could eat your weight in grilled cheese sandwiches.  Everything else is pretty plain:  crackers, pancakes, waffles, cinnamon bread, fruit snacks, rolls to name a few.  You definitely have a sweet tooth like me and request dessert after every meal.
 You have such a sensitive soul.  You get your feelings hurt very easily and little things make you upset.  You are thoughtful.  Your teacher told me you were picked during a game but gave up your turn because you already had a turn and a friend in your class had not.  Sweet boy.
The other side of your personality has attitude and loves to argue.  You argue about everything.  Daddy and I like to think you will be an athlete or a lawyer.
You are still not a huge fan of your little sister.  Everything is fine when you are getting along but in the blink of an eye you guys are at each others throats.  Typical sibling stuff but I cannot wait until you are best friends.
You are still the happiest when you are outside playing a sport or swinging on our playground.  You just finished your second season of soccer and you loved every minute.  Next you are going to play in a hitting league at the batting cages.  Then it will be time for coaches pitch.
When you are not outside playing we can find you playing games on the wii, playing with your cars, playing with your super heros or writing names, letters and numbers on your writing pad.  You got a telescope from Mimi and Gramps for your birthday and at night you and daddy like to look at the moon and stars.
The last five years have been pure joy for me.  There have definitely been some challenges but you have made everything better.  You infectious smile and giggle light up my world.  I could not possible love you more.  I cannot wait to see what the next five years bring!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Lyric! I miss seeing you on fb. :( LOVED reading all about Cole at FIVE! The part about not being a fan of his little sister made me laugh out loud. Jagger can go from being the BEST sweetest big bro, to the biggest bratty BABY about him in about 20 seconds flat! So funny. Sure do wish we could let our kids play like all the time!

Lyric said...

I know! I kind of miss Facebook but not enough to get back on:( Are you on instagram?? I think our kiddos would be best little buddies if we didn't live so far away! How was Jagger's big birthday?!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I use Instagram to edit, but I'm not really ON it. I've kind of thought about creating a fb acct and just adding my close mom friends! b/c that's REALLY what I like it for!!

Jagger's party was SO FUN. Probably the easiest party yet b/c I didn't plan a craft or serve a meal, haha. I'll try to get that posted on our blog just so you can see it, and oh ya, so my kids actually have record of the big stuff! I'm failing at the blog darnit. Hope I get a Muir Christmas card this year!! :)