State Fair of Texas 2012

I love the fair.  It is the.best. location for people watching.  Cole cannot play enough games.  He would stay in the Midway all.day.long if we let him.  And let's be honest, we all love the food. 
This year we did a few things we had not done before.  But of course, we began the day with a Fletcher's Corny Dog and a visit with Big Tex (we were there the Wednesday before he burned down).

 We made our way to the car show but not before coming across the walk-in tub booth.  Cole sees the commercial for these on TV and insists we need one.  He is even more convinced we need one now!
 We rode the Sky Way over the Midway for the first time.
 Cole played some games before we headed to the bird show.

 Mimi and Gramps went down the HUGE slide.

 When Campbell woke up from her nap the kids went through the little pretend farm they have set up.  They picked apples, planted flowers, fed the chickens and milked a cow.  It is such a cute little farm!


 Then we rode a few more rides before heading home.

What a fun day!

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