iPhone Photos: Vol. 5

This post means I am finally caught up on posting my iPhone pictures.  Geez, I take more photos with my phone than I thought!  It's a long post....you've been warned.
 Major bed head
 I. MEAN!!! Come on!  I can't handle the cuteness.
 Mimi and Campbell shopping
 These are the cutest princesses I have EVER seen!
 This little vanity sings the most adorable songs and says the sweetest things!
 He is in so much trouble:)  She has him wrapped around her finger so tight!
 Cole seriously said he wanted to do everything he saw during the Olympics.  This is him practicing table tennis and archery on the wii.
 My water babies.
 I crazy, windy storm blew through here last week and blew our extremely heavy swing set over.  Cole said, "Oh, shoot" when he saw it.  Daddy is going to have to make some repairs but it should be as good as new soon!
 This is our dog, Finnegan Bell (aka Finn, Finny and Finny Bell).  He is hiding in Cole's room because he is terrified of the balls that are flying through our house.  He hides when daddy and Cole play basketball, baseball and tennis.  Poor puppy.
 My heart melts every time I look at this picture.
 I walked into the playroom and found her just like this watching a show.
 Playing with daddy
 Date night.  We saw The Campaign and ate at Whiskey Cake after.  Both were amazing!
 Why not watch a show in a bucket??
In her jammies, playing tennis, wearing her sparkly Toms.  Always has the Toms on.

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