Muir Family Staycation 2012: Day 6

So, after Cole got sick in the middle of the night I totally thought we would just hang out at home again but Cole rallied.  We took our time getting ready and headed to Grapevine to visit the aquarium.  We didn't want to venture out too far so the Grapevine aquarium was a much better choice than going all the way downtown.
 It was really crowded so I definitely want to take the kids back during the school year but we still had a good time.  Campbell actually wanted IN the tanks.  She is fearless.

 By the end of our trip Campbell had had enough so we called it a day.  Next time we go we will check out Lego Land too!
Cole ended up sleeping from 4-5:30 woke up to eat some toast and then went to bed for the night a 6:30 and slept until 7:15 Saturday morning.  He woke up feeling 100% better!  RT on the other hand was not.....

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