iPhone Pics: Volume 4

I LOVE posting my iPhone pictures.  I feel like they really are little snap shots of our everyday lives.  They are simple, sweet moments that I never want to forget!
 Miss Campbell LOVES bath time
 Watching the turtles at Northpark
 Sweet boy
 Little mommy already
 Every 6 months we meet our best friends from Austin in Waco for lunch!
 Monkey see, Monkey do
 Daddy and Bubba having fun with Campbell
 Crashed mid snack

 Sweet summer time fruit
 We love our silly Mimi

 This makes me so happy!
 My loves
 My smokin hot husband

 Cousin trouble
 Campbell's very first "pedicure"

 Me and my BFF
 Friday night in the suburbs....dinner and Home Depot
 She has to wear her sunglasses all the time
 My babies
 Love him
 Storm rolling in
 Double rainbow over our house!
 ummm, OK
 I love this face
Fun at daddy's indoor soccer game!

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