The Muir Family is staying cool by swimming at Mimi and Gramps' pool as much as possible.

 Swimming just clicked for Cole this summer.  He has had one week of formal lessons two summers ago and this summer his daddy taught him how to really swim!  We are so proud of him and he is so proud of himself.  He has even learned how to dive to the bottom and pick up rockets and rings!

 It's so hot that our dog (who doesn't particularly care for the water) is in on the action.  He voluntarily went swimming and for a ride on the raft.
 The dogs also stayed cool with the help of a little Popsicle treat!  So cute!

As much as I love swimming and watching my kids splash and have the time of their lives in the pool, I do have to say Fall cannot come soon enough!  Bring on the cold weather...it's my favorite!

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