A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

We had a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday:  RT played in a soccer tournament and took Cole with him.  The first game was at 8:15 so Campbell and I had a "girls only" day.  We shopped and lunched together.  At lunch Campbell successfully used a fork for the first time.  Now she cannot eat a meal without a fork.  Then, we stopped by a friends BBQ before making it to daddy's 5:15 game.  Cole was having a blast.  He had made friends with other kids there and RT said he ran and played soccer all.day. long. We ate dinner with the team after the game and the kids and I came home for baths and bedtime.  Daddy still had two more games to play, one at 9:00 and one at 11:00!  They won their division in the tournament!! 

 Sunday:  We treated ourselves by having a donut breakfast.  We lounged around and then I went to get a pedicure.  It was so relaxing and my feet looked great....and then as I was leaving I was rear-ended in the parking lot.  Awesome.  I spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with insurance before we headed to a cookout at the Willis' house!  There was yummy food and great company!  Thank you for inviting us!  It was a great ending to a somewhat stressful day.

 Monday:  We picked up lunch and ate at my parents before jumping in the pool.  My parents weren't back from the lake yet so we had the pool all to ourselves for a couple of hours.  The kids swam and splashed and jumped their little hearts out.  My parents got home and Kori and Jon and Gray came over and there was more swimming and jumping before my dad grilled us the BEST burgers ever!

We are so blessed.  Thank you to our soldiers, past and present, for giving us the freedom we have today!  Because of you my family was able to have the weekend we had!

{I just have to note that Cole slept until 9:30 Tuesday morning!!!  This has NEVER happened! He was worn out!}

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