1st Swim of the Season

The weather has been warm here lately so the pool was ready for our first swim of the season yesterday!  Cole was beyond excited.  He had been asking me for the past month when he was going to go swimming.  He swam for 4 hours straight.  He jumped and splashed and swam all over the pool.  Little Miss enjoyed herself too!
 Kori and Jon brought Gray's water table over and the kiddos loved it! Check out Campbell's pose.  It totally captures her personality, facial expression and all!

 Gray did not love his hat and never made it to the pool.  He was a sleepy boy!
 My little fishy!
 Loving the water!  Thankfully her hand is covering up a wardrobe malfunction.  Her suit was a little short in the length and kept pulling that side down.  Daddy kept telling me it was too revealing :-)
 He jumped off the diving board a thousand times!
 NOT loving her hat.
You will see this in my pictures this summer....A. LOT!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

Absolutely dying at that first pic of Campbell. If that doesn't say it all!! She is so darling!!

Shelley Lenay said...

I die over that bathing suit!