1st Annual Muir Family Crawfish Boil

We hosted our First Annual Muir Family Crawfish Boil.  My husband was in heaven!  He became a crawfish lover in college after his Louisiana buddies introduced him to the crawfish boil.  He has been hooked ever since.  So, when we moved into our new house we knew we were going to put our huge backyard to good use and host {at least} one big party a year.  It was a no brain-er....a crawfish boil!

 {Poor little guys have no idea what's coming}

 {Jeff showing Blair our little friends}

 {This is seriously the ONLY picture of Cole I got.  He was going 90 miles an hour all.day.long.}
 {Miss Campbell is not scared of anything.  I set a crawfish in front of her and she immediately picked it up and started playing with it}

 {Some of the group enjoying the first batch]
 {My favorite people:  My best friend Krissa, her husband Shane and our friend Phil.  I went to TECH with these guys and I love them!}
 Thank you Pinterest for the food presentation ideas. 

 {We had kid friendly and not so kid friendly beverages}

{The chef in action.  He said he had the best time doing this!}

I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures but we had a great turn out!  Thank you to everyone for coming out and making the Muir Family Crawfish Boil a success!


Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said...

Ok, totally stealing the waffle cone idea for the kids' birthday party this weekend - so cute!

Lyric said...

You should! Super cute and easy!

Shelley Lenay said...

Some of my favorite peeps in picture 11!