Our Little Lady's 1st Birthday Party

This post could also be titled "The LONGEST POST EVER!"  I just don't want to forget a single detail about our Little Lady's 1st Birthday party.

I decided on a lady bug theme {if you know me or have followed this blog for a while you would know why}.  I think it turned out so cute!  Despite the pouring rain that started right at party time we had fun celebrating our little lady turning ONE!

 The cake was by far my favorite part of the party!  How adorable is it?!?!

 I made all of the decorations my self.  I got a lot of my ideas from Etsy and Pinterest but thought the prices were a little much so I decided to do it all my self {definitely not my original plan}.
 See Our Little Lady Grow.  I displayed her monthly pictures.  It is always fun to compare them month by month!

 The guest book was nontraditional.  I had every one put their thumb print on a canvas and sign their name by it.  Then I went back and turned all the thumb prints into lady bugs!  Such a fun keepsake!
 The party favors were not ultra girly but they did go along with the theme.  All the kiddos took a little bug catcher home with two mini lady bug cookies inside.

 In the kitchen I had pictures of the birthday girl from throughout her first year.

 The most adorable smash cake!
 Our Little Lady!  Ready to party!

 The dining room food table!  I have to brag a little bit on my husband.  Indulge me if you will.....he made this table, by hand, from scratch!  I found the plans for a farmhouse table on Pinterest and asked him if he could build it for me.  He is a very handy guy and fixes and does things around the house all the time so I was fairly confident he could do it.  He did an amazing job and he also made a bench to go with it!

 Chocolate covered pretzels!
 I wanted the food to be garden-ish and spring-ish {that is what I think of when I think of lady bugs anyway} so I made rainbow fruit skewers, Broccoli and Grape Pasta Salad, Cucumber Feta Rolls and Ruby Lemonade Punch {check my recipe blog for the recipes}

 Present time!  I have to say our friends and family were SO generous!  Thank you so much!
 Campbell carefully opened each and every gift and studied the contents very carefully before moving on to the next gift.  It was very cute!

 She was also very careful and dainty with her smash cake.  She carefully ate it and enjoyed each and every bite!

 Daddy and his best girl!
 My cousin, Jordan {we share the same birthday} and Campbell
 It wasn't long ago when the roles were reversed here.  Campbell dominated and Gray would just sit there and take it.  Not any more! Haha!
 How hilarious are these masks!  I am bummed I forgot about them and didn't get a picture of the other kiddos wearing them.
 The grandparents.....

 Now I am going to post a few of my favorite gifts Campbell received.  I am not bragging just want to remember so if that offends you then you can stop reading now.
 My parents got Campbell her very first Tiffany's bracelet along with tons of clothes, shoes and other fun things!  I told Campbell to remember this little blue box.  She will want more of them when she gets older!
 This book is from my parents and it is too cute for words!  It is a personalized story about her and her birthday!  Such a fun  keepsake!
 Aren't these to die for?!?!  My mom ordered these for Campbell and I can't even handle the cuteness!

 My sister got her this super sweet tea cup!  She is going to give her one every year so she will have a collection of tea cups!

And last but definitely not least this tiny purse was from RT's aunt.  Campbell LOVES it and carries it around with her all the time! 

Thank you to everyone that came to the party to support our sweet girl on such a big day in her life!  I could not have put it all together with out the help of my husband, mom and sister!  Thank you too!


The Howell's said...

Your little girl is precious. Fantastic job on the decorations! I am a huge fan of lady bugs as well. :)

BTW, great Tiffany bracelet. LOVE!

Rachie said...

you did such an awesome job with her birthday, down to the very last detail! everything was so cute and your little lady is the cutest of all. (:

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Oh you know I couldn't stop reading at the gifts, it's my favorite part!! :) Those SHOES, oh those shoes. Died over them. The book, I'd love to know where it's from! Maybe Brecker needs that too for his 1st! Loved seeing the detailed pics of EVERYTHING. You did such a great job, as always. What a perfect theme for a 1st. And Campbell's little outfit, oh my!!! Loved this post!