Campbell: 10 Months Old

Make it stop!!!  You are growing up way too fast!!  Even though I love each new stage in your life and can't wait to see what you will do next, I still miss the itty baby we brought home 10 short months ago.  It's funny how watching you grow can make me incredibly happy and super sad all at the same time.  I need to get used to the fact that there will not be any more babies in this house because you are very quickly becoming such a big girl.
 You love to laugh, especially at your brother.  He gets you giggling better than any one else.  We love how your eyes sparkle all the time.  You are such a jolly girl!

This past month was very eventful:

You started pulling up on your knees
You got your first tooth
You started eating table food
You celebrated your first Christmas
You moved into a new house
You ate and loved black-eyed-peas to ring in the new year
You moved out of your highchair and into a booster seat at the table
You got your second tooth
You say "dye-dye" when you wave bye-bye.
 Your first Christmas was so much fun!  You were totally into unwrapping your gifts and seeing what was inside!

You were such a trooper and such a big "help" while we packed up our old house and moved into our new home.  It was pretty chaotic for a few days but you and your brother were amazing.  You have settled in and love your new room!

Your teeth gave you some trouble while they were coming in.  Night time was rough but you survived it!

You love table food. Period.
 We are just waiting for you to pull all the way up to a stand.  You get to your knees and then stick one leg out like you are going to push yourself up but haven't done it yet.  Any day now you are going to be cruising around the house.

You are such a great shopping and dining buddy.  We go  every where and you just hang out.  We have been blessed with two chill kids.
What else can I say.  You are precious and we love you more than words.

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

she is looking so much like her pretty mama! i love how you say, you have 2 chill kids and that makes me all kinds of envious. I have concluded that I have 2 un-chill kids. :) you're right, she IS precious.