Happy Halloween

Halloween 2011 was the best!  Cole really got in the spirit for the first time.  He was totally into wearing his costume this year and loved telling everyone he was "Bumble Bee the Transformer" and that his sister was a "Faming-go".  He was all about the candy (especially suckers).  I have to admit I have never been a big Halloween person but this year might have changed things.  They just looked so precious int their costumes and had the best time! 

 We went to the carnival at Cole's school and he had a blast playing games, jumping in the bounce house and sliding down a HUGE slide!

 After the carnival we ordered pizza and my parents, Kori, Jon, Gray and my aunt and uncle and cousin came over with Shaelyn so we could see all the kiddos in their costumes!  Cane you say adorable??

So much candy...so much fun!


Team Bruns said...

Holy cow, that flamingo costume is too much! So cute!

The Bases said...

My nephew was the same thing as Cole! And the Flamingo - too cute!!!