Campbell: 7 Months Old

 My thoughts exactly!  How are you already 7 months old?!?!  The first year really does fly by and I don't like it one bit.

You had many first this month:
-  Sat it your highchair to eat
-  Sat up with out the assistance of the boppy
-  Had an ear infection
-  Ate green beans
-  Went to the nursery during mommy's bible study
-  Drank from a sippy cup
-  Sat in a highchair at a restaurant
-  You and mommy got a stomach virus

You are generally content playing on the floor with your picnic basket and purse.  When I have my morning shows on while you are playing you immediately pay attention to the TV when the plumbing or carpet cleaning commercials come on....you love their jingles!

You talk all the time.  Dadada is your favorite thing to say.  You also make sounds that we call your "pterodactyl sounds" because that is the only way to describe them.  They make us laugh so hard!

So far you haven't met a food you don't like.  You suck it all down!

We don't go to the doctor until next month so I don't have official stats but I think you have maintained your weight but you have definitely gotten longer.

You love to grab everything....I mean everything.

You are such a sweet girl and we love you more than words.

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