Squeaky Clean

Cole and Campbell took their very first bath together last night and they had the best time!  I realize there is a very small window of time that it is ok for them to bath together so i am going to take advantage of the cuteness while I can. 
 They had a blast.  Campbell loved sitting up in the tub and being able to kick her legs and splash in the water!  Cole loved pouring water on his sister and making her laugh!  I see many silly bath times in our future!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

Those arm rolls!! Those blue eyes! Ah! Such sweet siblings. I just pulled out Breck's little bath seat like that this a.m.!

Ok, ummm, the zara stuff? is out of control cute. My head was spinning over every last thing. Winter pics?? Oh my. Do NOT let me forget about the online shopping that starts sept 7! Jagger might have to wear a cardigan with a cool tshirt for pics! Even the dang belts are to die for! And great prices??! I mean, for THAT cute of stuff!