I'm Officially a Soccer Mom

On Saturday morning I officially became a soccer mom!  Cole had a blast which is the most important thing and they won their game!  He played great and actually looked like he knew what he was doing out there.  It was just about the cutest thing we have ever seen!  He looked so grown up in his soccer gear and he told us, "my shoes made me super fast!"

 At the end of the game the parents made a tunnel for the kids to run through after they gave each other high fives.  They thought is was really cool and so did I!
 Cole had his own little cheering section.  Aunt Kori, uncle Jon and Gray surprised him by showing up on the sidelines.  Mimi K and Gramps were there too!  What a lucky little boy to have so many fans there to support him!

 When the game was over he asked if he could play again....right then.  We had to explain to him that his game was over but that he would play again next week.  I think he would have played all day long if he could!  The game was at 9:00 am so after we went to Fuzzy's for breakfast tacos.  Cole just kept talking about the game and how much fun it was!  RT and I are so excited he liked it that much and look forward to MANY games in our future...this is just the beginning!


Gentry and Jordan said...

So so cute!

Amanda said...

I played 2 seasons a year from 8th grade until I graduated. I wish I had asked to play as a kid, it was great and I love to see the little guys playing!