The First Day of Pre-School

Today was Cole's first day of pre-school.  To say he was excited would be a lie.  It didn't help that we had made it through the spring and summer months without getting sick and he came down with a cold and fever on the Monday before school starts.  We will blame his lack of enthusiasm about his first day on the fact that he wasn't feeling 100%.  We did begin our day with a donut breakfast just like we did on his first day of school last year.  This lifted his spirits a little.
 Then we got dressed and headed outside for the annual 1st day of school pictures!  He looks SO old to me here!

 Once we made it to school he was finally getting excited.  He marched to his classroom like he owned the joint.  It made me so happy that he was remembering all the fun he had last year.....I told him this year was going to be even BETTER!
 He found his hand that he wrote his name on himself at meet the teacher night and put it in the box for safe keeping and then couldn't wait to get to the puzzle table.  He was over me taking his picture so daddy, Campbell and I told him bye and there were no tears.....from him or me!
 Campbell and I enjoyed lunch, shopping and meeting up with Mimi, Kori and Grey for a little snack out on the patio before picking him up at 2:00.  Campbell was a little confused in the car all day.  I could see her trying to see her bubba in his seat and he wasn't there.....she was SO excited to see him after we picked him up!
 When I got to his class they were having story time and he jumped up and ran to me when I peeked my head in.  He said he was the lunch helper and helped pass out everyone's lunch boxes!  He had "book time", played on the playground, had music class and went to church.  On the way to the car he said he had fun and that he had a "long day"!  I'd say so...this is him before we even got out of the parking lot:
 He took a nap at home for the first time in FOREVER and when he woke up he opend his 1st Day of School sussies (just like last year) from mommy, daddy and Campbell and his basketball game from Mimi. 
It was a successful day!  We are so proud of him and can't wait to watch him grow, learn and mature during this school year!

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