Campbell: 6 Months Old

My little lady oh how sweet you are!  You are such a love bug.....and a toot at the same time.  Your personality shows more and more each day and you are both tender hearted and strong willed.  You are going to be a handful and will definitely keep us on our toes.
In the past month you went from sitting up while relying on the boppy for support to sitting up like a big girl all by yourself.  Your favorite place to play is sitting on the floor with your picnic basket next to you.  You DO NOT like the exersaucer, jumperoo or bouncy seat any more.

You started giving "kisses"!  Definitely my favorite thing you do.  You grab my face, pull it to you and plant a big slobbery kiss on my cheek. Melts me every time.

You also suffered through your first cold.  It messed up your sleeping habits and now we are trying to get back on track.  Then at your 6 month check up with Dr. G (9/13) we found out you had an ear infection.  You had been a little extra fussy for a couple of days but I just thought you had teeth coming in.  Turns out it was your ear and after a round of antibiotics you are all better!

We brought the highchair back out and you sat in it for the first time this month.  You didn't know what to think at first but now you associate it with food so it's all good.
You were a hoot during our visit with Dr. G.  He loved that you were sitting by yourself and how active you were.  You did not sit still the whole time he checked you out and you even tried to pull his stethoscope out of his ears while he was listening to you breath..  You received an A+.  Here are your stats:

Weight:  20 lbs. 5 oz. (off the charts)
Height:  26 inches (75%)
Head:  16.8 inches (75%)
You are going to be a handful.  You grab EVERYTHING.  You want everything in your mouth and you don't like it when we take things away from you.

You never stop moving.  You wiggle and twist and roll all over the place.  You are way more high maintenance than your brother ever was and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Your giggle/belly laugh is the best sound ever and we hear it several times a day!  Cole makes you laugh the most and I love it!

You are sweet and cuddly and precious and we love you to pieces!


Amanda said...

Your babies are absolutely adorable, and always look so happy! What a great Mommie you must be

Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

wow she's a cutie!!! EVERY single thing you said about her I could say about Cate.. haha.. Cate is such a handful and as sweet as she is, the flip side is true too. What's up with these second children? lol... oh and Cate also hates the exersaucer etc.. she will give me about 3 mins in it