Round Two for the JUMPEROO!

Well it seems as though both of my kids LOVE the jumperoo.  It is definitely the best "big" purchase we made as far as baby gear is concerned.  When Cole was itty he would bounce in it for hours and it looks as though Campbell is going to be the same way.  At a little over 2 months old she is already sitting in it and using her feet to bounce her self.  Yes...she is very strong!  She has had excellent head control from day one and clearly has no problem supporting herself in the seat.  What a big girl she already has become!
Pure joy on her sweet little face!  The frog that hangs from one of the branches makes her smile so big!
Look at those cheeks!  They are so kissable!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

I think we need that!! Those cheeks are delicious!