3 Years, 6 Months

My oh my...how can it be?!?! Cole, you are growing up way too fast for me. When did you turn into such a big boy?? You are definitely not the baby that I still see you as and probably always will to an extent. Makes my heart sad but at the same time my heart is happy about the little man you are becoming!

You are definitely more active and energetic than ever before. You keep me on my toes. You love to run and rump and fall. You also love to stay busy by helping me clean the house....I cannot complain there!

You are an athlete. Period. There is nothing you love more than playing basketball, baseball, football, golf and soccer. This has remained a constant love for you since you were a tiny little thing. You think we need to buy every ball we see and even in a store full of every toy imaginable you pick out a bat or a ball or a club every time. I can't wait to see which sport you love playing, for real, the best! Will it be soccer like your daddy??
Now that the weather is warmer I can't keep you indoors. You are a warm weather kid for sure. You hate the cold and love the heat...opposite of your momma. We need a bigger backyard with more room for you to run a play!

You are getting into pretend fighting and shooting and superheros. You make guns out of anything....hangers, sticks, baseball bats, etc. I am not sure how I feel about this but I am sure it is a boy thing and as long as it is just for pretend I guess it is ok.

You are still the pickiest eater ever. You get this from your father. You refuse to try new things. Even when we offer you sweets like chocolate milk or ice cream that is not vanilla. It is crazy! I really, really, really hope you grow out of this!
You love bathroom talk. Tooting, pooping and burping are so funny to you and you like to discuss it all the time. Mommy is not so much a fan and I hope this phase passes soon....a mommy can dream right?
You are funny! You make us laugh daily at the things you say. Most of the time we wonder where in the world you came up with the things that come out of your mouth. You are such a joy!

At the same time you are becoming more head strong and defiant. You are totally into your independence and think you can do everything on your own. It is a daily battle and mommy fails on most days but we are working really hard on getting you to follow directions and not argue with us about everything. This to shall pass.

Most importantly you are the best big brother. You love Campbell so much and she loves you right back. You are so helpful! My favorite thing you do is repeat everything I say to Campbell in a high pitched voice. It is so cute! Campbell is one lucky little girl to have a big brother like you.

Daddy and I love you more than words. You bring so much joy to our family! We couldn't ask for a better son! We can't wait to see what you do in the next six months. Pretty soon you will be a big 4 year old! Mercy me!

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The Rodriguez Crew said...

stop the clock! makes me sad too. but i just have to make you feel better by telling you, the pretend shooting and everything being a gun AND the potty talk just started here too. and i hate it too!