We thought it was time to spend a little quality time with just Cole. He has been such a good boy and has done so well adjusting to Campbell. So, the Saturday before Easter we took Cole to see Rio. I am so glad we did! It is the cutest movie and Cole loved every minute of it! Heck, all three of us loved it!

After the movie we headed to Scotty P's for super yummy burgers. Cole was in such a good mood. I could tell he was loving the special attention. Then on our way home we stopped at McDonald's and bought 3 Rio toys. He hasn't stopped playing with them and likes to tell you what their names are and if they were good guys or bad guys in the movie.

Such a fun time! RT and I need to make sure we plan special outings for the big brother every once in a while. He deserves it!

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

completely agree! i say these things daily that I need one on one time w/ just mia and the days pass and it doesnt happen :(