Big Brother Moments

Cole is such a good big brother and we are so proud of how well he is adjusting to having Campbell around. He is so helpful and sweet to her. He even likes to tell me when I need to feed her, pick her up, let her play and change her diaper. Bossy much??....but still so sweet! One of my favorite things he does is repeat everything I say to her and he says it in a very high-pitched voice. For instance when I say, "Hi pretty girl" or "I think you have a stinky diapee" he repeats every word and gets in her face when he says it. It is very sweet to hear him talking to her when he thinks no one is listening. Melt my heart! My favorite moment so far is when I was changing Campbell's diaper in her room and she was fussing. She had just woken up and was ready to eat. Cole came into her room and told me she was hungry. I said I would feed her after I got her diaper and clothes changed. The next thing I hear is a bunch of noise in the kitchen followed by the water coming on in Cole's bathroom. I came out of Campbell's room to find Cole on his stool filling a bottle up with water! He had gotten his stool out in the kitchen, pulled the drying rack closer to him on the kitchen counter so he could get a bottle off of it and then proceeded to make her a bottle. Such a sweet boy and he did a great job making it too! Then he wanted to feed her all by himself, which of course I supervised. Such a little love! I cannot wait until Campbell starts interacting with Cole. He is going to love making her laugh!

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