Campbell's First Week

Campbell's first week has flown by! We are adjusting well and Cole has been the best. He has loved on and talked to his sister so much. He wasn't a fan of her crying and would cry when she cried at the beginning but has gotten better about that. He turns her music on and pets her head and touches her nose. I love watching them together!I, on the other hand, started feeling terrible on Tuesday and went to the doctor on Wednesday only to find out I had a virus. Awesome. So my mom came and stayed the night on Wednesday to help us out and it was such a blessing. I am on the mend and feel much better.
Cole fed his sister for the first time and thought he was really cool!
Campbell is such a sweet baby. So far she only cries when she is hungry and the rest of the time she sleeps or just hangs out. Such a blessing!

Oh how we love her so!


Christine said...

congratulations! I was so excited to see all the wonderful posts and catch up on everything. we have been thinking about you and your family of four since we heard! congratulations - she is adorable and cole is such a handsome big brother! ps- you look great in your hospital pics too! go momma!

ThePoeFam said...

She is so sweet! Can't wait to meet her very soon!!!

The Pillsbury Family said...

Such a sweet baby girl! Looking forward to meeting her sometime this summer! You look awesome - congrats on your family of 4!