Soaking It All In

I never thought I would be this emotional or sentimental about Cole not being our only child in a few short weeks. After all, I DO have a sister and know the joys of having a sibling and couldn't possibly imagine being an only child and not having someone to grow up with by my side. BUT, turning 30 weeks has made it all too real that our lives are going to dramatically change in a few weeks. Cole will no longer be our ONLY world. I am not worried about how he is going to handle the transition. He talks about his baby sister a lot and I just know he is going to be the sweetest big brother. I also know that I have absolutely zero memory of my sister joining our family so I know that even if Cole happens to have a difficult time at first, he won't remember a thing. I am selfishly worried about myself. I know I have enough love in my heart to love both of my babies but it is the guilt of not spending enough time with one or the other that has me worried. I know things will work out and that every mother feels this way too so RT and I will get through it together.

In the meantime, I am soaking up our last few weeks as a family of three.....

I am soaking up this sweet face.

I am soaking up our nightly snuggle time on the couch.

I am soaking up the time Cole and I spend together waiting for daddy to get home from work.
And I am soaking up family game time.
Stay tuned for more installments of "Soaking It All In". I know there will be a lot of "Soaking" over the next few weeks!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

It's funny that you just posted this, b/c this little teeny tiny wave of sadness has showed up for me too ... and I think it's even a tad stronger when you're having a second boy. Of course it will be WONDERFUL, but I find myself thinking about it a LOT. I'm soaking it up too!

Dustin & Kate said...

Lyric, I totally know how you feel. I felt the exact same way when I was pregnant with Asher. I can tell you that it will be different when you bring a second child into your family, and it will be an adjustment...but it will be wonderful too! Although I've only had two kids for five weeks, which means I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my time between two kiddos, I can now tell you from experience that having two is so special in sooo many ways! You will LOVE seeing Cole in his role as a big brother! And I know you will be able to still be able to find special ways to spend quality time with just him and with just the baby. I promise it will all be okay! So, enjoy your last couple of months as a family of three and definitely soak up as many precious memories as possible. But try not to be too sad, because life will only get sweeter when you have two! Hugs to you!

Lyric said...

Thank you for such sweet and encouraging words ladies. I know I will everything will be fine. It is just a huge change! Forgive me in advance if my blog temporarily turns into one big sap fest! Ha!

Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

definitely know how you are feeling!!!

Christine said...

soak it in! and don't feel bad when you cry those first few weeks. I remember feeling so guilty, like i was 'abandoning' Faith... it was an adjustment, but Faith grew up into this big sister role before i could blink and it took me awhile to realize she didn't 'need' me as much as i 'needed' her...and it gets better and better! lots of prayers to you and your family on this journey!