Merry Main Street

Last night we headed to downtown Frisco for Merry Main Street. We had never been and thought we would check it out this year. It was super windy which made it super cold so we didn't stay as long as we had planned but had fun nonetheless. They shut down main street and vendor set up booths with giveaways. There was food and games and school choirs singing Christmas songs. We were able to see Santa and two of his reindeer and ride a train! The only thing I was bummed about was Cole could have shopped for RT and me with the assistance of one of Santa's elves. The parents aren't allowed to go in so it gives the kids a chance to really pick out Christmas gifts for there parents or siblings completely on their own. By the time we found out where to do this the earliest time slot was 7:40. It was only 5:30 and we were too freezing to hang around for 2 more hours. Next year for sure!

Despite the wind and temperature we had a great time. We warmed ourselves up with yummy Mexican food afterwards and then headed home. Have I mentioned lately that I love this time of year?!?!

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