First Semester Down

Last Wednesday Cole officially completed his first semester of preschool. I have loved watching him grow and mature over the past several months. He is more confident and talkative than ever before. I can truly see the difference his teachers are making in his life and I am so thankful for them. I have loved walking him into school each morning and witnessing him grow from not wanting me to leave to me not leaving fast enough. Even though that stings a little...ok, a lot, I know it is because he enjoys his time at school so much and loves his independence which is definitely not a bad thing. I have loved attending his class parties and watching him participate in Spirit Days. I also love opening up his backpack at the end of the day to read his daily report card, we only had one time out the whole semester for not listening, and to see what masterpiece he painted or glued or colored that day!

I am so excited to watch him mature even more over the next semester and am so proud of everything he has accomplished so far!

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