28 Weeks

The day after Christmas "Operation Get Ready For Campbell" commenced. I realize to some this seems a little early and/or extreme to be this panicked but Cole came at 37 weeks and my doctor said it is highly like that Campbell would make an early appearance as well. Monday begins my 2 week appointments which makes things seem as though they are moving even faster and so far Campbell's room is completely empty. It is being painted next weekend and then we can assemble her bed and add the rest of her furniture and bedding. Next weekend I will feel much better about the progress we are making but right now I feel completely unprepared.
I do know that I had my first MAJOR craving this month. I could not eat enough cheese quesadillas with sour cream and guacamole. I mean my favorite food IS Mexican food and I always crave it and we eat it like 4 times a week but my craving was specifically for those 3 things and it was INTENSE!

Campbell is an active baby girl so far. She is a mover and a shaker. I feel her constantly...often on my bladder. It is the most amazing feeling ever and definitely my favorite part of being pregnant.

Cole talks so sweetly about "Camel" and is very curious about all the things we are doing to prepare for her arrival. He has been a huge help getting baby gear out of the attic and closets and helping mommy clean them up.

Cole told me the other day, "Camel is in my tummy too mom! See, feel!" He made me put my hand on his belly he was sticking out so I could feel her kick.
It is becoming increasingly harder to get off the floor and couch and my eye site is getting worse just like it did with Cole but it is all so I can carry this tiny miracle and I feel so blessed to be able to do so. It is such an exciting and sometimes stressful time but most of all it is the most amazing time in the world to our little family of 3!

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