Letter of the Week - "P"

What a perfect month to study the letter "P"! We had fun this month with all of our letter "P" activities.
Letter P is for
Pumpkin, Pizza Piano, Pickle,
Pepparoni, Pretzels, Play-doh

Instead of doing our regular worksheet I decided to let Cole decorate a little Pumpkin with things that start with the letter P.
Then we did our usual craft
We made our own Pizzas for dinner one night.
Cole at a lunch full of things that started with the letter P.
Cole watched this cute movie about a thousand times.
I made Cole homemade Pumpkin Play-doh to play with. {Click here for the recipe}
And in addition to going to the Pumpkin patch earlier in the month with me and Mimi, Cole went on a Pumpkin hunt and did Pumpkin projects at school!

Learning about the letter P was super fun!

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Ashley and Matt Sheehan said...

what a good mommy.. Martha Stewart would be proud :)