How Can It Be?

How can it possibly be time for Cole to start pre-school? I am so not ready for him to be this grown up but I guess I can't stop time so I need to learn how to deal with it. Sniff.

Yesterday, Cole's new backpack and lunch box came in the mail and he was SO EXCITED! He wore his backpack all night and played with his lunch box and the containers in it for forever!

Ugh. Breaks my heart how big he is. I know he is going to love school though and it is going to be so good for him to go! He's ready...me, not so much.


Jessica said...

I am not ready for Cole to start school either. No way he is old enough!!!!

Lindsay said...

Hi Lyric,

Where did you get Cole's cute backpack and lunch box? I need to get Kaitlyn a new one (seems Hannah Montana is not too sturdy) and Susanne sent me this link!