Friends for 20+ Years

My friend Robin and I have been friends since the 3rd grade. Yeah, we go WAY back! After high school we went to different colleges, got married and I moved back to Dallas and she has been in Waco, Milwaukee and now Austin. Our time to hang out these days has become pretty hard to come by but it so awesome that we could have not seen each other in 6 months and when we do hang out we just pick up right where we left off. It's so nice!

She was in town before I left for vacation so she came over with her 4 kids, mom and sister and we had a blast! We talked about kids and stuff we were doing right now and we reminisced a lot too! The kids ran around and played and it was just so fun!

{Me and Cole, Halle, Luke, Beau and Ben}

Every time we get together we are always too busy talking and I never remember to take a picture so I finally got one this time and I think it is so cute!

Thanks for hanging out with us! It is always good to see you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sweet post and picture! We had so much fun too! I will let you know next time we are up there. Take care!