Meet My Nephew!

Introducing Mr. Smith Randle Bailey!
These pictures do not give him justice. He is absolutely PRECIOUS and perfect! It is hard to grasp how small he is in these pictures as well. Thankfully, my awesome photographer came and took pictures of Kori, Jon and Smith for free! As soon as we get those pictures back I will post them. They did some really cool things to show his actual size.
For now, you can kind of tell by the size of his diaper which is actually too big! When they put his diaper on the tabs go around his whole body and they have to fold the top down because it is too long. Unbelievable!
Smith had a wonderful day yesterday after giving us a very big scare the night before. We know we still have many sleepless nights ahead of us and that he is going to take us on a pretty crazy roller coaster ride before he is well enough to go home. Please continue to pray!
Jon and Kori have started a website to keep family and friends updated daily on Smith and what their lives will be like over the next several months. My sweet friend, Brittney, is going to make a button that will link you to Smith's website. As soon as she sends it to me I will post it on my sidebar and you can click on it anytime you want. If you have a blog you can copy and past it onto your sidebar to help spread Smith's story and get as many people as possible to pray for him and his family. For now go to www.smithbailey.tumblr.com.
I will leave you today with a picture of me and Smith's amazing mommy, someone I look up to and admire and am proud to call my sister!


the rodriguez crew said...

I am so happy to see this this morning... I have really had your sister and her family on my mind, saying prayers every time I think of them. I just put myself in her shoes and think about what this all must be like... I'm SO happy to hear that he's doing well. I am in SHOCK over that diaper next to that bill, and that it's still too big!! UNREAL!!! Happy weekend to you all! :)

miles3_17 said...

Im so glad they are doing well Thanks for the updates..it allows for more personal prayers! Tell Kori she is looking sooo strong and they'll continue to be in our prayers, along with all of you!!

Christine said...

Lyric, how can i get a button on my blog site? Thanks for the additional updates and feedbacks too :)

Lyric said...


just copy it off my blog and paste it as a photo gadget on your sidebar. When you do that it will have a place for the website address to link it. Does that make sense??

Christine said...

thank you :)