Prouder Than Proud! Cole is Potty Trained!

After 7, very long days, I think it is safe to say Cole is potty trained! I cannot believe it! I was dreading it so much and of course he did awesome! I don't know why I worry so much!

We bought this book for us:

and this book for Cole:
Cole threw away all of his diapers and he has not put a diaper or a pull-up on since we started. He has gone 2 days with out any accidents and wakes up dry from his naps. He has wet the bed a couple of times at night but woke us up last night because he had to go at 3:30 this morning! He tells us he has to "poot-in-der" when he has to go. I don't know why he chose that as his phrase but that is what it is.

I am still a nervous wreck anytime we leave the house and we look like we are taking a short vacation with the amount of undies and shorts I take everywhere we go just in case. RT and I are so proud of Cole! I have to brag and say he did this without any treats or rewards...just a lot of clapping, high-fives and jumping up and down seemed to do the trick!

Way to go Cole! You're a BIG boy now!


Jessica said...

FANTASTIC!!!! Your hard work and determination paid off.

KP said...

Yippee!! Great job - all of you!

Dustin & Kate said...

I am so impressed! I might have to buy those books to start preparing for potty training Nora. I have to say it is not something I'm looking forward too!
Also, I have been keeping your sister, her husband, and her baby in my prayers. I hope she and the baby are doing okay!