What Happens When Mommy Goes Back to Work VERY Part Time?!?!

Well, I drop Cole off at my mom's house at 7:55 on my first day {yesterday}. Cole hugs me and pats me and when I put him down he looks up at me and says, "BYE!" while waving at me and then runs off to play. I get to work {I am working for my dad two days a week} on time and get trained all day. I check in with my mom around lunch time and find out that she and Cole are at Northpark eating lunch and shopping. Awesome! I continue to learn what my job will entail and then I leave at 5:00 to pick up Cole from my parents house. I walk in and see several shopping bags and toys and find out that my mom TOTALLY out did herself and spoiled Cole rotten! I am not going to complain because he got 7 new shirts, a new pair of pants, 2 new pairs of shoes and another pair being shipped, 2 dinosaurs and a Nerf sword! I could NOT believe it! Thank you so much mom!!!!!
We get in the car, get home and find out that our dog was mad at me for leaving him home all day and decided to pull out all the moss from my candle arrangement on our ottoman in the living room and spread it all over the place. URGH! Cole helped me pick it up, I started dinner, daddy got home, we ate dinner, played and went to bed.
It was an exhausting day but I actually liked being back at work. Working for my dad is great because I know if there was ever an emergency or Cole got sick and I needed to switch a day or something he would be flexible and let me do that, something I would not find anywhere else. I love that Cole is with my mom because I know he is in good hands and I don't ever have to worry about him. If I had to send him to daycare I would never go back to work. Plus, he is going to start preschool this fall so eventually she will only have to watch him for half a day, 2 days a week. I am so thankful to have the parents I have. I wish everyone else could be as lucky as my sister and I are!

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shauna said...

I love you too...we couldn't have asked for two better daughters if we tried....and then there is the perfect grandson(with of course another perfect grandchild on the way). Thank you, Mom P.S. Can we go shopping again Friday?