Vocabulary Words Part II

Cole's vocab continues to grow! He may not say the words perfectly but we definitely know what he is saying. Here are the new words he has started saying in the last 2 weeks:

25) Bir = Bird
26) Chee = Cheese
27) Shoes
28) Shi (sounds like a bad word) = Shoot {so funny! he says this a thousand times while he plays/watches basketball}
29) ooo...cose = ooo...close {he says this anytime he or anyone else misses a basket}
30) Bear
31) Mimi
32) Cuck = Cup
33) Ho = Home {said every time we pull into the garage}
34) Gay = Game {he says this when he brings me my iPhone and wants to play his games on it}
35) Cars {said all day because he wants to watch his new favorite movie, Cars}
36) Momma {he alternates between mom and momma}
37) Two

I am one PROUD momma!

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