Trains and Teddy Bears

Sit Tight...this is a LONG one!

Last night my parents took RT Cole and me to see the trains at North Park. We went last year and LOVED IT and knew Cole would love it/get it even more this year and we were right! He was in total amazement the second we walked in. It don't think he blinked the entire time. It really is an amazing display. I highly recommend seeing it and proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald house! I do have to say that I don't feel like I documented things very well again...I don't know what my problem is. Maybe I am becoming more interested in actually experiencing things with Cole and watching his reactions than taking pictures but I feel bad when I look back through them and I didn't even get one of Cole and my parents. Bummer.

While deciding where to eat dinner we had to stop at the big fountain and make a wish. Cole made lots of wishes with lots of pennies!
After a yummy sandwich at Corner Bakery Gramps and Me {that is what Cole calls my mom now} gave Cole ANOTHER surprise! They took him to Build-A-Bear! We have never built a bear before and Cole thought it was so cool! After much deliberation Cole decided he wanted to make a polar bear. He picked out his heart {he got the regular fabric heart AND a heart you can actually feel beat}. He thought it was so funny when the lady told him to rub the fabric heart on his nose, cheek, belly, knee, back, elbow and forehead. Then he kissed it and put it in the bear. He patiently watched as the polar bear was stuffed and then it was off to pick out his clothes. This took forever to decide on but we ended up with an elf suit {appropriate because it is Christmas after all}. Daddy helped Cole register his bear and get his birth certificate. It was such a fun experience and Cole loved it!

Of course this morning Cole played with the box more than his new friend but did manage to give him a hug for a second.
Thank you mom and dad for such a fun and memorable evening!
I now feel like Christmas is actually here! Let the festivities begin!
Trains at North Park a
Build-A-Bear a
NanaNette takes Cole to the aquarium for the day and Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner so I can finish Christmas shopping and have a date night with RT a
The Rockettes a
Christmas Baking (Blackberry Wine Cake and Ritz Cookies) a
Drive around looking at Christmas lights in our jammies a
Baking and decorating cookies for Santa
Make Reindeer food

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