Christmas Eve

I was so excited for Christmas this year! Cole was finally old enough to really get it and I wanted it to be perfect. This was the year that traditions were going to be made!

We started Christmas Eve off by having breakfast, watching the news to see if we were going to get snow and have a white Christmas and making goodies for Santa and his reindeer.

First, we made reindeer food. Cole helped scoop the oats into a bowl and then added the glitter. You are supposed to sprinkle the reindeer food on your front yard and when the moon rises it makes the glitter sparkle so the reindeer can see your house easier. We didn't sprinkle it on our yard, more on why later.

Then we got dressed for the day and with Christmas music playing we started making cookies for Santa! Cole loved making the shapes and said "Star" for the first time while cutting one out!
While we waited for our cookies to bake and cool I gave Cole his holiday project. I didn't get a single picture of him assembling it because I was cleaning up the kitchen but here is what he made.
Once he was finished with his project it was time to decorate the cookies...by far Cole's favorite part! He was very serious about it and particular about which sprinkles he used.

Once the cookies were decorated and ready for Santa it was time for lunch, Cars and a good nap. After nap time we all opened our Christmas jammies put them on and met Kori and Jon at my parents house for more food and fun! By this time it had been snowing for a while and it looked like we were actually going to have a white Christmas!
Jon brought instant snow for Cole! It was really cool but Cole didn't want to touch it. He just wanted to scoop it from bowl to bowl.
We played Pictureka and Bananagrams {both fun but Bananagrams was the huge hit}, ate yummy sandwiches, chips, dips and dessert courtesy of my mom and laughed a lot! When it was time to leave, so we could get home and set Santa's cookies out, we went out to our car and it was covered in snow {RT had already cleaned a lot of it off before I could take the picture}! My parents yard looked so pretty with the white lights. It made me so happy!
The whole,slippery, ride home I was so excited for Cole to put the cookies and reindeer food we made out for Santa and his reindeer. I was excited to explain to him what the magic key was and to have him help me put it on the front door. I was excited to read all our Christmas books just like I did growing up. I was so excited but none of that played out like I had planned.... Cole threw a tantrum. Why? Because he wanted Santa's cookies. I explained to him that those were for Santa and that he could have a different cookie we made even though it was 9:00 at night, but he didn't want another cookie. He wanted Santa's cookies and even when I finally told him he could have one of Santa's cookies he decided he didn't want one and just would not calm down. So I finished putting Santa's milk out and left a carrot for Rudolph. We didn't put the reindeer food on the yard and I had to tie the magic key on the front door by myself. He finally calmed down long enough for us to read our Christmas books and then he finally went to sleep.

Christmas Eve wasn't perfect but that's ok. I'm not perfect...life's not perfect. We created wonderful memories and had a fun family day. I could not have asked for more!

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